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If you are ready to sign up for an authorized BOSS Revolution re-seller account the best place to start is here. Submit this form and one of our sales rep will get started on creating you a dealer code. Make sure that all contact information is correct including your email and business physical address, and phone number. We will use these contacts just in case any additional information is needed.

Click Here to Sign UpFill out this form and you will be contacted by a BOSS Revolution representative to further assist you in getting aboard.

Keep in touch with family and friends without the hassle of dialing pins. Unlike phone cards, Boss Revolution airtime never expires, you will never be charged a connection fee, and your only charged for the minutes you use.

Many great products in the Boss Revolution sales portal

As a reseller you can offer your clients the convenience of paying international friends and families cell phone bills here in the US, right at your store. Boss Revolution is also known for “Pinless Topup” which allows a client to add many to their account and use it to call anywhere in the world, as a leader in its profession Boss revolution gives you the best rates. Click HERE to view our rates.

Tools and tips to help you succeed

Weather you were a retailer with BOSS Revolution before or maybe this is your first time applying. You can rest assure to find these tools very useful, weather its requesting a refund, managing access, viewing commissions, generating reports, or maybe the referral tools.

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Where ever you are, where ever you go, you can always count on the Boss Revolution sales portal.

Access our sales portal from three convenient portals.

On a desktop| on a mobile phone | over the phone

Lets face it almost everyone has a cellphone bill to pay.  So why not offer this great service to your customers.

Pay Bills | Accept cell phone payments

AT&T | Verizon | T-Mobile | H2o Wireless | NET10 | SIMPLE Mobile | Pageplus | Cricket |  Plus many more!

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